Bocce is a dog that we have watched mature……..and someone is missing out on a great dog! Bocce is now 4 years old, and has been with CGRR way too long. He is Gordon Setter mix and is absolutely beautiful – photos do not do him justice! Bocce has been a favorite of a couple of our volunteers, and many times we are asked “why is he still here?” He is a great dog, but he does not show well at first…..he is a crazy man when he first greets! He has so much exuberance for life, and comes on strong at first. We feel this has turned a few folks away, and it is such a shame. Bocce needs more than he is getting here. Our goal is not for these dogs to stay in the kennel life. Bocce has had lots of training with Steve, and he has gone through 2 CGC classes. He did well, but has not yet passed, as he is easily distracted. Bocce is kind of the class clown…..he is quite silly, reads your reactions and plays off them. He is very smart, and eager to learn. Whoever works with this boy will have a wonderful friend and companion. We have a good routine and structure here at CGRR, but Bocce needs to get out and be more socialized. He needs to learn how to react and behave in different situations. He walks well on lead, but can get easily distracted – especially with birds! He is good with other dogs, but can be food/toy possessive. We feel that once in a good home, with someone who knows how to set rules and boundaries, Bocce will do well. He has a good energy level, and would love to get out for lots of walks and hikes. We feel Bocce would do better in a home with older or no children, as he does not recognize his size, and may be a bit much for young toddlers. He is very bird focused, so being on a leash when in an unsecured area is a must.

Jerry Thompson