Luca came to CGRR last month, from an owner who had to move overseas. He is 5 1/2 years old, and we were told he is part Great Pyrenees. He is a big boy…..115 pounds, but just a gentle giant. Luca was not interested in food, and we soon realized he was not feeling well. As we started to do some diagnostics, Steve noticed his lymph nodes were huge. We actually took him in for an ultrasound, but once the doc felt his lymph nodes, she said it was not necessary to do an ultrasound. Luca not only had large lymph nodes on his neck, but the ones in his armpits, and on back legs were large as well. After a visit and more diagnostics with the oncologist, the diagnosis of Lymphoma was confirmed. Unfortunately, Luca has T-Cell Lymphoma, which does not respond as well to Chemotherapy. Luca is in a permanent foster home with Scott, one of our volunteers. Scott has been volunteering with CGRR for 20 years or so, and never gone home with a dog. Luca stole his heart, and after we found out what was going on with him, Scott wanted to give him a home for however long he has. Luca is currently on a larger dose of prednisone, which has made a huge difference. It is so nice to see this big boy happy. He now smiles, loves the toys, and is just a big love bug! We have all decided that we are not going to put him through chemotherapy, due to the poor chance of it really making a difference. We all want Luca to have quality of life, and for now, he is enjoying his life. Luca’s medical expense for all the diagnostics we have done, is around $700. If you would like to donate toward his care, we would be most grateful. The photo of Luca in the snow was when he first got here. You can see in his face that he was not feeling right. The others are of him doing better, and enjoying his new home…..thank you Scott, for taking care of this big boy!

Jerry Thompson