6/21/17 – UPDATE: This little Missy needs a foster home. She is anxious and stressed with “kennel life.” Missy will be very much like having a puppy at first, as she has never been in the house, and has not really bonded to anyone. She needs someone willing to work with her, and teach her how to relax and enjoy being a dog. Being stuck in a backyard, she hasn’t seen or done much, and she gets excited at many things, and she wants to know what is going on. She needs work on the leash – once again, she has had no training. Would love to find a foster home that is local, so Steve can help with training. If you think you may be interested in helping this girl become a dog, please send Deb an email at utgoldentails@cs.com

Missy is a beautiful, 5 year old Flatcoat Retriever mix. She came from a local shelter, where she had been for 2 months. She was turned into the shelter because she had a bad yeast infection on her belly, and the owner did not want to deal with it. The shelter was told that Missy had been an outside dog, with little interaction.
So sad, because this girl just wants to be with people. We were originally told that she did not like people in her personal space, so we were cautious at first. But this little Missy has given us lots of loves and kisses, and we like to think she is telling us “thank you for saving me!” She has not been around young children, so a home with older or no kids may be best.

Missy is a bright, energetic girl, who needs a home that will provide an outlet for her energy. She is good with most dogs, but she is kind of the “hall moniter…….and if other pooches are getting rowdy, she will go up to them and bark, like “hey, settle down!” She has never lived with another dog, so if she goes to a home with a dog, it needs to be a pooch who doesn’t mind if Missy is the alpha dog. Missy would benefit from some basic obedience training, as she has not learned anything sitting in a backyard. She has had no one to tell her what is acceptable, and what is not. She is very smart, and seems eager to learn.

She is a smaller girl – about 50 pounds………just the right size to cuddle with! Missy would love to have someone get her out for lots of walks or hikes….maybe she could try some agility! She has an expressive face, and sometimes it feels like she is looking at you as if to say “c’mon, what are we going to do next??” The first 5 years of this girl’s life have been pretty bleak. Wouldn’t you love to be the one to take her in, show her what a real home is like, and watch her blossom? Perhaps this is the pooch you have been waiting for……..

Jerry Thompson