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Sweet Penny is back at CGRR. She was adopted a few months ago, but things did not work out with their other dog. Penny looks wonderful - she has lost a little weight, toned up and is beautiful! She is such a sweet girl - we don't know anything about her history, as she was originally rescued from a shelter. She looks more like a lab, but has the heart of a Golden. Penny is around 8 years old, and much like the Goldens, wants to be with her people. She needs structure and routine, and would love to go for lots of walks. Penny is quite food/treat motivated, and may be a bit much for young children. She does not realize her size, plus she needs work on how to take a treat nicely from your hand! She is house trained, and has good manners. If you think you may want to meet this sweet girl, email Deb at for more info.

Jerry Thompson