UPDATE: 8/15/18- Oakley has been in a foster home for awhile, and is doing great! This boy is amazing for 14 years old. He loves his home, and neighborhood walks. He and the cat keep each other company in the day. He still is a powerful chewer, and enjoys his Nylabones. Oakley is home – and we could not be happier!

Sweet Oakley is back. He has been in a foster home for the past few months, and done very well! It has been wonderful to see the transformation in him, since being in a home. Oakley is almost 12yrs old, but does not act like it. He has a bad rear knee, and because of his age, we decided not to put him through surgery. He is on Rimadyl, joint supplements, and Omega 3’s and has done very well. Oakley gets around fine – in fact, you will need to keep him more quiet than he probably wants to be! His foster Mom Ali, took Oakley for a couple of short neighborhood walks each day, and he did just fine.. He is just not a candidate for long walks or hikes. He is a very handsome boy and in great shape. Oakley needs to be kept on the lean side, due to his knee. He does have some food allergies, but we have found a good food he does well on. He is used to being a house dog, and has good manners in the home. He does have quite a nose on him, and if he can push his way into a cupboard, where he smells some yummy food, he may do so. We would love to get Oakley into another foster home. He is a wonderful companion, loves attention and is obedient. He LOVES the ball, and playing fetch……but he will overdue, so playtime needs to be supervised. We do feel Oakley would do best as an only dog. He does not understand “sharing” with other dogs. He likes other dogs – just does not want to share toys or treats. Perhaps you have been looking for a nice, quiet companion to share your home with, and if so, Oakley may be the one for you!

Jerry Thompson