Things did not go as planned when we took Betty in for her surgery on Thursday. On pre-operative blood work, her liver enzymes were elevated. An abdominal ultrasound was done, and Betty has a large mass on the right side of her liver. There were also some mild changes to the spleen that may be related. Because of where the mass is located, it will be more difficult to excise, and there is risk of hemorrhage. The mass is more than likely a hemangiosarcoma. Our hearts are broken, but we are not going to put Betty through the surgery. We feel it is too risky, and we want her to enjoy her life for however long she has left. She does not show any clinical signs right now, and as many of you know, these dogs are pretty amazing. Betty is a happy, loving girl and we are hoping there is someone out there who may be interested in fostering her. This girl will make you smile every day, and we hope she will have many, many, many days to make you smile. Please email Deb at if you think you want to take Betty in……and sincere thanks to those of you who sent donations to help with her medical expenses……..

Meet Betty, a sweet, happy 10-year-old girl, who has been a bit of a mystery. Betty was rescued from a local shelter, after we were notified that her owner had passed away. A family member wanted the shelter to euthanize Betty, so they could bury her with the owner. Thankfully, the gal at the shelter told them no, they were not comfortable doing that. We don’t know anything about her history, but she looked pretty rough when we got her. We were told there was a bite of some kind, and because we did not know much, we kept Betty in quarantine for awhile, making sure she was okay. Betty also came in with a nasty injury on her back. After meeting with a couple of different vets, the consensus is that it is a burn. The burn is large and an odd shape, and our vet wondered if perhaps she had crawled under a hot car. We have no idea how this happened, but the skin is still quite tender. We are keeping it covered with a shirt for now. This burn had to have been uncomfortable, but Betty has never been anything but happy. We felt bad having to keep her quarantined, but Betty was a trooper, happy to get her loves when she could! She has never been objectionable to anything – bathing, brushing, putting ointment on her wound…..this girl is wonderful! Betty also has a pretty good size mass on her right rear haunch, that needs to be removed and she is in need of a dental. The good news, is that the mass is not cancerous…it is a benign growth that will not need huge margins taken. Whenever you spend time with Betty, she looks at you like you are the greatest thing ever! Her tail is always wagging, and she will “talk” to you! We had originally scheduled her surgery just before Christmas, but decided to wait until after the holiday is over. Betty will have the mass removed and her teeth cleaned on Jaunuary 3rd. The estimate for her surgery is between $2200 – $3000. This girl has a very soft, kind face and you will fall in love with her after just spending a few minutes with her! Betty has lots of love to give, and she will make you smile every day! In the busy holiday season, if you can spare a little extra to help with her medical bill, we would be most grateful! If you think you would like to meet Betty, email Deb at Maybe yours can be the home waiting for this girl, after her surgery.

Jerry Thompson