Ginger & Sugar


UPDATE - In the fall of 2017, these two girls came to CGRR. They have been staying with Launi, and have loved it there! Unfortunately, Sugar (aka Sara) made the journey to Rainbow Bridge recently. It is the first time Gin has been without her friend Sugar, and she is pretty lost. Launi said that Sugar perfected the art of being underfoot, and stuck closely to wherever they were. Thank you Launi, for giving these two old gals a home!


We are doing one post for these sweet girls, as they are a bonded pair and need to stay together. Sugar and Ginger are both 13 years old and have been together all their lives. The girls seem pretty well socialized, are fine with other dogs and just enjoy being wherever you are. Their health needs however have been neglected. Ginger had several issues – including bad ears….her right ear was almost closed off, the ear canal is very narrow. She had a large cyst on her back, as well as a weird growth under her right armpit – both of which have been removed. Both of her eyes have a mass on them, and they look painful. Her coat was horrible, probably due to low thyroid, and allergies….. but she does not have much of a coat. Sugar had dirty ears, but nothing as bad as Ginger. These two old girls get around well – they love to putter around the yard and explore. They were with us for about 10 days, and are now up at Launi’s, where she can work her magic with these two! Ginger’s surgery was around $800, and she did very well. If you can donate to help with her medical, we would be most grateful.

Jerry Thompson