Miss Mabel


Mabel is a sweet 7-8 year old female, who was used for breeding. She was kept outside, never went anywhere, and we don’t think she was treated very well. Mabel first came to CGRR in the fall of 2017. She was in a home for about a year, with some wonderful people, who introduced her to life as a house dog and she had a male Golden buddy. Unfortunately, Mabel has a few quirks that need someone to be around more to work with. She is an interesting girl…..she has a mellow, calm side to her. She loves all people, is very affectionate, loves to be brushed. She loves to play, and if she is somewhere she can run, she is at her happiest. However, she is also an escape artist – can unlatch gates, will try to jump fences. As she was used for breeding, and kept in an area outside, she was not exposed to much. All Mabel knew was life with puppies and we feel she took that very seriously. It’s like she does not know how to really relax and just be a dog. We were told that she seems to sleep with one eye open, always watching what is going on. She has a dominant side to her, but also has an insecure side as well. She is terrified of thunder/lightening and if alone, she may do damage trying to get away from the noise. Mabel is very strong, and has an amazing vertical jump. She needs work on leash, and gets distracted when she sees other dogs – especially little dogs. We don’t know if she thinks they are puppies and she needs to control them, but she will chase after a little dog and pin them down. We would love to find a foster home, or forever home for Mabel, with someone willing to work with her. She needs a calm, assertive leader and needs to learn that she does not need to be in charge. If we can find someone to work with her, we will pay for some group training, to get her better socialized with all sizes of dogs. We have someone we have worked with that we feel may be able to help Mabel. This girl is so sweet, and we would love to see her become a real dog, and enjoy life. If you think she may be the one for you, please email us your application.

Jerry Thompson